Hackers to implement remote control of Model S car Tesla emergency repair software vulnerabilities-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Beijing Time 9 on 2 1 September morning news, Tesla released this week, the electric car software system security patches. Earlier, the Chinese information security researcher found a Tesla car software vulnerabilities. Through these vulnerabilities, hackers can The Model S car to initiate a remote attack.

Tesla in Tuesday's announcement shows, these vulnerabilities were fixed. The day before, from Tencent information security researcher in a blog post published this discovery.

Last year, Fiat-Chrysler in the United States recalled 1 4 0 million vehicles, to fix the two researchers found that the onboard software vulnerabilities. Subsequently, the car's information security started to become more and more compelling. At the time, in the wired magazine web site published a video, the researchers show how to remote control a car under high-speed driving of the Jeep car.

Tesla represents, has been through the wireless upgrade fix. Tencent discovered vulnerabilities, so the user does not need access to the dealer store to go to for software upgrade.

Tencent Keen information security labs in a blog post said that the use of the discovered vulnerability, the researcher can remote control the Tesla Model S of some system, whether it is in driving mode or Parking mode. The blog said, Tencent believes that the company's researchers for the first time by tapping into the onboard computer system of the way to get a Tesla car, and a remote control.

In the demo video, Tencent, researcher at the remote manipulation of the Model S The brakes, opens the wiper and the trunk. The blog said:“We have been through the Model S of the a plurality of aspects of the verification of the attack. You can believe that Tesla's other models were also affected.”

Tesla indicated that those in the know vulnerabilities 1 0 days, the company through the wireless upgrade is the way to go to complete the onboard software upgraded automatically. The announcement said:“we estimate that users suffer the risk is very low, but this did not affect us to quickly respond to.”

Tesla noted that only the Tesla web browser is in use, and the vehicle is very close to and connected to a malicious WiFi hotspots, this kind of attack is possible.