IPhone zero-day exploit or by hacking recommended that the user update the system-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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The iPhone iOS operating system, there are 3 security vulnerabilities are“zero day”, it will be one sophisticated spyware use of to a particular iPhone user to launch a sustained attack.

Apple to this rapid reaction, for security vulnerabilities carried out a System Repair. The researchers recommended that all iPhone users will soon beoperating systemto update to the latest version.

“Catcher,”the company blog post said that Apple's iOS operating system 3 a critical security vulnerability was named“Trident”, they belong to the“zero-day exploit”that hackers found immediately after the malicious use of security vulnerabilities.“ Trident”is named“Pegasus”, spyware use, the form of the attack chain can break through Apple's iOS operating system powerfulthe security guard.

The University of Toronto“citizen lab”survey view,“Pegasus”by the NSO group development, this home is located in the Israeli company 2 0 1 0 years by an allegedly specialized in“cyber warfare,”the US company Francisco partners management company acquisitions.

The article says, the“Pegasus”in the use of zero-day vulnerabilities, obfuscation technology, encryption technology, kernel development and other aspects of the highly advanced nature; and its complexity is reflected in the available for mobile devices the integration of the various functions to be utilized, including wireless Internet access, voice communication, camera, email, text messaging, Global Positioning System, a password is set, communication record, etc.

“Watchmen”company and the“citizen lab”researchers have been on this event the launch of the analysis report, a detailed analysis of the“Pegasus”of the malicious code and attacker how to use this spyware for a particular iPhone user-initiated attack.

Two home institutions of the researchers also in this regard with Apple's security team, which reacted quickly, release iOS9. 3. 5 the latest version of theoperating systemfor“Trident”to repair.