1 4 million Android devices by the Linux TCP vulnerability-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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The vast majority of Android users to pay attention to. Mobile Security vendor Lookout researchers have found that the Linux TCP connection vulnerability exist in the world 8 0% of Android devices, from about 1 4 million Android smartphones, tablets affected by this vulnerability. ! Shortly before the Freebuf is reported by the Linux TCP connection to a high-risk vulnerability, article review portal, the security vulnerability first appeared in the 2 0 1 2 years since(3.6 and above version of the Linux operating system kernel all the Linux system. The Linux Foundation has in 2 0 1 6 7 1 1, to the Linux kernel patched with. Affect most Android system According to mobile security firm Lookout published a blog post, the Linux TCP connection vulnerability exist in all of use Android 4. 4 and above version of Android system, include latest Android 7. 0 nougat. Although the use of this vulnerability to attack is very difficult, but once a successful attack, the hacker will be in non-encrypted Internet traffic to inject malicious code. If the connection is encrypted, even if you can't read the traffic, hackers also can cut off the connection. Fortunately, 7 on 1 1, The release of the Linux patch software have fixed the defect, although the latest Android monthly security patches and not fix the defect, but I believe it will in the 9 months of patches. Safety recommendations 1 Ensure that your network traffic is encrypted: you use your access should use the HTTPS application and the website. 2 Using a virtual private network VPN.