Mobile payment software is now vulnerabilities hackers use Siri to steal your money-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Venmo's security holes is by the Salesforce security engineer Martin Vigo found, and this vulnerability using the“medium”is very special, Siri in this process is very unfortunately become a hackers attack our tools.

The hackers have to do things very simple, he just need to ask Siri to send a text message “START”to 8 6 7 5 3 This number, if you have the Venmo account bind Bank card, a hacker can immediately send a payment request, then your Bank card money will be instantly transferred to go.

In addition, hackers can also“guide”Siri to read the message, and then easily obtain the one-time verification code.

Of course, many of my friends refer to yourself and no Venmo account, so that hackers use Siri to“attack”Venmo and we seem to have no relationship, but since the hackers can keep an eye on Venmo, naturally, will find ways to keep an eye on other mobile payment applications, so this Venmo vulnerabilities is also to all the habits of using the mobile payment application friends mention a awake.

Fortunately, thanks to Venmo aspect every 1 8 days will be on the software to carry out routine inspection and maintenance, the associated security patch shield soon be launched, but the emergence of such a security vulnerability, after all, is not what good sign, especially when these vulnerabilities with our“wallets”are closely related.