D-Links Wi-Fi Camera in the presence of a vulnerability will affect more than 1 2 0 different products-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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! According to foreign media reports, security experts discovered a software plug-in, this component will be D-Links Wi-Fi camera is exposed to a remote attack risk. In addition, making the current situation worse, in the company's products, there are about 1 2 0 more products are using this component. Senrio the company's security research expert discovered the vulnerability, and in with the D-Links the company conducted a preliminary communication, after, today published on the product vulnerabilities of the extra details. Security experts said that this vulnerability will also D-Link smart home networked devices are exposed to security risk, these devices include home routers, camera, and cloud storage devices, and so on. Currently, the D-Link company also did not provide users with the appropriate product repair patch. But we from the Senrio company learned, the company will on 7 month 1 days before the development of the corresponding vulnerability fix. However, in this article published, the D-Link company has not released a patch for the specific release time. In June of this year, the Senrio the company's Chief Executive Officer Ridley in the media Threatpost interview that this vulnerability not only affects D-Link DCS-930L Wi-FI Camera. An attacker who can gain access to the target device where the Wi-Fi network, then he can use this stack overflow vulnerability to attack a home network or office network in a smart camera. Ridley told Threatpost said:“This equipment is itself another network device. Currently, many users will use this way to use such a network edge device. Due to such device of their own property, then usually there will be two cases happen: when the user needs to use, they will use these devices to access the network, and then through the network to access these devices. And in this case, many users may use a public network to access these devices, this will greatly affect the security of the device, this mode of operation is one hundred percent non-compliance.” Security researcher using the Shodan search engine has a DCS-930L camera, and found a five and five thousand and more may be disclosed access to the device. But it is worth noting that currently a total of more than forty million units of the D-Link device is still exposed to the security risk. Today, Senrio the company has disclosed three security vulnerabilities. One of the most severe of the vulnerabilities present in the dcp_class6_parser()function, which is an unbounded string copy bug. Through this vulnerability, the attacker can use the network and remote execution of code to access the target device. Senrio the company's security experts in its report said:“an unbounded string if the one stored in the heap memory of the static variable is copied into the function being, then will allow the attacker on the target device to the remote execution of arbitrary code.” In addition, the company also disclosed two severity is not so high vulnerability. The first one is present in the D-Link 930L circuit Board(JP2)of the vulnerability, but if the attackers want to take advantage of this vulnerability, then, must be able to physical access to the target device. If you can successfully exploit this vulnerability, an attacker will be able to get to the target device console access. Senrio company in its official announcement, write to JP2 in the presence of one does not configure the authentication mechanism for the Root console, the attacker can use the UART interface or a universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter to communicate with them. We can easily on the circuit Board of the PIN and the information transmission baud rate of the reverse engineering analysis. In addition, the attacker can also use the UART interface to the target devices for vulnerability analysis. Senrio company, today disclosed a third vulnerability exists in Alphapd EmbeddedWeb server. The attacker must have access to the UART interface or the hardware device to the console, to be able to use this vulnerability. Currently, we do not know D-Link Corporation when will provide to the user the vulnerabilities of the repair patch. But considering there are over 1 2 0 product affected by this vulnerability, which fixes the difficulty is self-evident. Now, the major developers in the design and development of hardware products and software platforms of the time, and its efficiency is generally very high. At the same time, these hardware devices and software platform and be used in many different products. This mode can not only save development costs, but also for the company save a lot of development time. However, this also means that, once the basis of these devices is found in the presence of security vulnerabilities, then there will be a large number of products affected, as we at D-Link who seen.