Hack by BMW portal vulnerability to tampering BMW vehicle set-bug warning-the black bar safety net

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BMW ConnectedDrive portal to the presence of the two vulnerabilities may allow an attacker to manipulate with the BMW infotainment system vehicle settings.


ConnectedDrive is the BMW car infotainment system name. The system can be in-car use, or by a series connection of a mobile application to let the driver through the Mobile Device Management of vehicle settings. In addition to the mobile application, the services and the web version.

Vulnerability Lab security researcher Benjamin Kunz Mejri released yesterday ConnectedDrive portal to the presence of two zero-day vulnerabilities, BMW in the past 5 months, not the two big vulnerabilities for repair.

Vulnerability*#1*VINsession hijacking

Session vulnerability allows a user to access another user of the VIN—the vehicle identification code.

The VIN is for each user account of the vehicle ID. VIN code backup vehicle ConnectedDrive set to the user's account. In the portal changes to these devices will change the car settings, and included with the application.


Mejri said he can bypass the VIN session authentication and use another VIN to access and modify another user's vehicle settings.

ConnectedDrive portal settings include locking/unlocking the vehicle, manage song playlists and access e-mail accounts, manage routing, access to real-time traffic information and the like.

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