Lenovo then notch security vulnerability crisis hackers can bypass the security Protocol attack-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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According to foreign media news that the Lenovo computer security vulnerabilities, hackers can bypass Windows security Protocol of the United Nations want the computer to attack. But for this speech, and Association aspects of the public statements, there is a problem of the code not by Lenovo to write, but third-party companies provide.

According to security research Institute, Dymtro Oleksiuk said he found a hacker can bypass Windows basic security Protocol of the United Nations want the computer to attack.

In addition to worry about Lenovo computers there is such a problem, Oleksiuk said Lenovo PC drivers from Intel directly copy and paste. He feared that other manufacturers such as HP Pavilion laptop also has the same security vulnerability.

For Oleksiuk's remarks, The Association aspects of publishing open response to the said Oleksiuk's remarks there is a huge problem. The data Association aspect of the message, The code is made with Intel cooperation of third-party companies to provide is not from Lenovo.

Lenovo added that is currently investigating the issue and will work with partners to enact as soon as possible repair.