Famous hacker and aeration iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak video-based Safari-bug warning-the black bar safety net

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Today the Italian hackers Luca Todesco once again in the jailbreak community set off waves, because he discharged for a period running iOS 9.3.2 6th generation iPod touch jailbreak video. It is worth mentioning that Todesco the use of the method is clearly directly from Safari to jailbreak, no computer, this is also the classic JailbreakMe similar. JailbreakMe is by developer Comex produced a tool that is jailbreaking the iOS device one of the easiest ways, users only need to use the equipment on Safari can.

This for still waiting for the jailbreak of the friends to say that should be good news, although Apple has been working to strengthen iOS device security, but in the jailbreak community opinion, may never be without the security device, only the more powerful hacks.

In addition, for the average user, probably you will not wait until Todesco escape, because He for public jailbreak of discovery and no interest in, and more impossible to make a jailbreak tool. Earlier this week, Todesco also shows the iOS 9.3.3 beta jailbreak screenshots, the foreign media think he used an old vulnerability on iOS 9.3.3 for jailbreak.

The jailbreak tool is coming, we should still hold a sense of balance.