Windows 1 0 vulnerability exposure:hackers to remotely control computers-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Recently a new Win10 vulnerability is exposed, the security tools AppLocker there is a serious problem, the attacker can add a program to the black list, the collapse of the user's computer defence, so as to facilitate the control computer, to achieve remote control purposes.

! Win10 aeration AppLocker vulnerability: hackers can remotely control a computer

The key problem is that these operations do not require administrator privileges, a hacker can simply modify the registry to achieve their goals. The vulnerability can be by Regsvr32 to a remote hosted file, obtain all the applications of the system permissions, allowing the attacker to achieve the invasion of intent.

In the Microsoft official solution to the vulnerability before IT home recommended that the relevant user to use the firewall tool to block Regsvr32 protection against the vulnerabilities easily be used.