Adobe Flash Player is really into a hopeless situation-vulnerability and early warning-the black bar safety net

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Adobe Flash Player can be smoothly applied to a variety of platforms, but it is also because its application is broad and its own vulnerability, causing it to always be hackers of all ages, this time is no exception. For a long time, hackers always like to use some of the underground network to spread the vulnerability to Adobe Flash Player users to initiate a variety of attacks. Adobe in order to improve their security system, to pay a tremendous effort, this is not the content deny. But for Internet users, Flash has no security, Adobe Flash Player exists in some extent become a potential security threat. Just recently, Adobe Flash Player is again disclosed a serious security vulnerability on affected systems to cause huge threat, and could even allow an attacker to obtain this system the highest control. And in mid-March, Adobe has just released Flash Player a major fix release, breath fixes 1 8 a major vulnerability. However, absolutely did not expect this it's only been half a month, they found a new vulnerability that is not new, but has long been present in the underground network, but has not been officially found it. French security researcher Kafeine, FireEye Genwei Jiang, Google + Clement Lecigne Co-discovered this vulnerability, the vulnerability exists in Windows, OS X, Linux and Chrome OS platform is on Flash Player and earlier versions. Its vulnerability number CVE-2 0 1 6-1 0 1 9 the vulnerability of Windows 7 and even Windows XP platform there are affected. Adobe has confirmed that the Flash Player in a newly discovered security vulnerability, has long been a hacker found and exploited. Update Adobe Flash Player software Adobe engineers for this security breach start emergency R & D-related patches, and urge users to update to Flash Player version, saying that this version can mitigate CVE-2 0 1 6-1 0 1 9 Number of vulnerability threats, and plan the fastest in 4 months 7 days publish the updated version to replace the problematic version. With the Microsoft approach is the same, Adobe usually are also in each month on the second Tuesday released a security patch, but this was prepared in advance of the release emergency security patches, the move from the side also highlights this vulnerability severity. Adobe endless updates and upgrades have been insufficient to guarantee the user's safety, this may have to users to stop using or are thoroughly uninstall Adobe Flash Player. Regardless of whether you believe, but it has become a reality: Adobe Flash Player is already into a desperate situation, among the IT era will be over. Although the Adobe Flash Player its efforts to strengthen its security system to the companies to prove their reliability, but all this did not play a significant role. Last year 1 month, YouTube announced that it has no longer use Adobe Flash Player as its default setting, instead of using a more secure HTML5 video player. The last 6 months, the Facebook security Manager publicly called Adobe Flash Player should step into history. !

Last year, 7 months, Firefox in found a by the Adobe Flash Player causing the fatal security vulnerabilities, a comprehensive ban in all versions of Adobe Flash Player. In fact, the Google browser has also been shielding the auto-playing FLash ads. We really want to be and Adobe Flash Player to say goodbye?