Flash Exposure serious vulnerability:the hacker can be spread ransomware bug fixes-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Ist 4 month 9 days morning news, Adobe today emergency issued a Flash patch that fixes a serious security vulnerability. The vulnerability may be a hacker used to spread ransomware. Currently, the global 1 0 million users on Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and Linux on the computer using the Flash software. Therefore, Adobe today urged users with the fastest speed upgrade Flash. According to Internet Security researchers said hackers can use“website hanging horse attack”means to use Flash this a vulnerability.“ Website hanging horse attack”is currently the most popular malware propagation means, mainly is the use of a known or unknown vulnerability on the user's browser to attack. And for Flash of this vulnerability when a user visits an infected website, the computer it will be installed on ransomware. The ransomware will encrypt the data, lock the computer, and then sent to the user ransomware notification. To unlock the infected PC, each station needs to pay 2 0 0 to $ 6 0 $ 0. Network security software vendor Trend Micro said that as early as this year 3 month 3 1 day is found to have hackers use Flash this a vulnerability to a computer user attacks, then the vulnerability notification to Adobe.