Thousand electronic safe actually so that you is open a-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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With the electronic safe of the popularity, now there are more and more people began to pay attention to the electronic safe security recently security researchers exposed a crack electronic safe method, the following will take a look at it. Cheap attack high-return A safety Deposit box there are many such as electronic password safe, mechanical password safe, car safes, fingerprint safes etc. Especially the fingerprint Safety Deposit box in recent years by more and more people's favorite, fingerprint safes, as the name suggests i.e. through fingerprint to unlock the safe, it is worth noting that no need to remember password, break password a traditional fan pattern lock, just a finger gently one click you can open the door, more and more ordinary applications. HandgunSafeResearch is a study of custody of the gun safes website, and found the existence of security vulnerabilities. Their latest test of the object is the GunVault GVB1000, the safe is mainly the custody of firearms, currently priced at about 3-4 0 $ 3 1 0 Euro, but also is a biometric gun Cabinet, primarily a fingerprint to identify it. Built-in protective foam-lined interior, with tamper-resistant Spring-loaded door, 1 6-gauge steel housing audio and LED low battery warning and battery-powered portability. Of course, the biometric identification electronic device needs to be powered, of course, in some cases, the built-in battery may be no electricity and power is also likely to be cut off, so also will the presence of a backup system-with a key to the mechanical lock. The official temporarily did not respond Of course this design is not no use, once the bandits cut off the power rushed into the house you need weapons or you need from the safe inside take away some of the valuables found dead, or your hands hurt, and so on. Of course this happens there is no mechanical lock is obviously not okay. Unfortunately HandgunSafeResearch security researchers have discovered an alternate system security problems. An attacker can use a paper clip through the safe next to the vent, the end hook to open the safe mechanical lock. Of course, this attack is quite low. !

HandgunSafeResearch testers said: “Now I'm on this electronic device did not cause any damage, the mechanical locking member is also not compromised, the fingerprint identification device can still work, the safe door can still be normally closed, if I take off the paper clip there is no sign that I was how to get access.” At present, for this problem the official also did not respond, and now there is also a speculation that the vent holes and lock design way off-so nearly not an accidental error, but rather for a method that is key and the electronic lock are not working you can still open the safe.