NVIDIA GPU was traced to vulnerabilities, you can view the porn browsing history-bug warning-the black bar safety net

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! Chrome's incognito mode in some specific cases not necessarily be able to protect individual privacy, recently a gamer the exposure of the Nvidia GPU of the previous vulnerability, the use of the vulnerability can view Chrome incognito mode to browse porn sites picture. Evan Andersen once loaded the game found during the bug While the Diablo III players Evan Andersen2 years ago found in the Diablo III among the starting role instantly, the screen will display he is using Chrome's incognito mode to browse porn sites picture. You can imagine, when your game starts, the loading process of the game, actually there is you a few hours ago through Chrome's incognito mode to browse porn site picture, you will have what feeling. Currently Evan Andersen in his blog describes in detail this issue. Evan Andersen at the time in loading the Diablo III game, before browsing the porn site, and suddenly“fills”the entire screen. ! After careful study, he found that it was the NVIDIA GPU driver bug. When the browser is closed is switched to after the game, the GPU driver is not in memory which the complete removal of the picture before the cache data, which allows an application of the content to overflow into another application. At the same time due to the Diablo III itself in the loading process, it will not go to the GPU Memory among the clear before application of the screen cache the data, resulting in a before the contents of the application window appears on the Diablo III screen. Players Evan Anderson in order to reproduce this Bug, write a program to scan the GPU Memory among the non-zero pixels. It can be in other app screen which reproduce the reddit User Account page screen. Evan Andersen before also had to Google and Nvidia submitted this question earlier, don't know for what reason Google and NVIDIA also does not fix this bug, and no one and contact him. Currently Evan Andersen indicates Google will not necessarily fix this bug, the reason is because of the stealth mode“is to protect the user from the user from outside attacks, and this is the same computer”. The news that some gamers say that this vulnerability should be to Google the problem, there are people that is Nvidia's problem, the more someone called this a bug Google and Nvidia should be responsible for and repair. There are a number of players expressed also in the Safari browser iPad version on the experiencing a similar problem. ! Nvidia has confirmed the problem Andersen shows solve this problem“relatively easy”. But in fact it is not so easy, because you want to solve this problem, NVIDIA view NVIDIA GPU the underlying program code number is quite huge, it is said“the NVIDIA GPU Hardware Abstraction Layer, 1 0 0-2 0 0 million lines of code”, but also need to add the API code, so this number is quite huge. For Chrome browser privacy mode, Google says, When you close all open incognito window, it does on the computer leaves other traces such as Cookies, in. Although you know this, but there are still some people for this is not well understood. Recently, Andersen said he has been to Google and Nvidia submitted this problem, Nvidia has confirmed this bug, but the not yet fully repaired.