Lenovo, Dell and Toshiba computers exposure to serious OEM vulnerability-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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! Recently, the Association of the device and can be easily hijacked, while Dell and Toshiba PC and also because of the serious vulnerabilities and suffer. Security researcher slipstream/RoL online publishing of the vulnerability and demonstrates how the intrusion of the market on the machine. Three OEM and three pre-installed applications, three vulnerabilities The US CERT has released a Lenovo vulnerability alert, China headquarters also are stepping up the pace to uninstall the Solution Center. American Internet emergency center at CERT, said: “When a user open the Lenovo Solution Center View network file, the attacker can through the system permissions to execute arbitrary code. Moreover, the local user can such do.” ! Lenovo Solution Center is also posted on our website confirms the security issues, they are the fastest to fix this vulnerability: “We are assessing this vulnerability and will be available as soon as possible to update and apply the patch to everyone. More information and updates will be posted in the security Bulletin.” If your Lenovo Solution Center has been open, then the hacker can through the CSRF remote exploit the vulnerability. Vulnerability details Lenovo 1. Lenovo Solution Center to create a named LSCTaskService the process to administrator privileges operation and pop-up 5 5 5 5 5 port on aWeb server. It can also be a GET and a POST HTTP request to perform the local user directory in the code. 2. Lenovo Solution Center generally in full control perform hard drive anywhere on the program. The malicious software is placed inside, the Lenovo Solution Center it will execute the malicious software. 3. In LSCTaskServic process in the presence of a typical cross-site request forgery(CSRF)loopholes that allow any access to the web page passes the command to the localWeb serverand executed. Dell Similarly, Dell's bundled tool Dell system detect, you can directly get administrator rights to install malicious software to damage your computer. Toshiba While the Toshiba service station tool, you can allow ordinary users or unauthorized software directly with system level user permission to read theoperating systemregistry.