Flash is too dangerous, the report said the hack attack front 1 0 vulnerabilities Flash representing 8-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Hacking tools the use of Pre 1 0 vulnerabilities in Flash accounted for 8

According to technology news site Network World reports that cyber Threat Intelligence research firm, Recorded Future issued the latest report shows that in the hacking tool(EK)the use of the top 1 0 largest vulnerability, the 8 is for Adobe Flash Player.

Report shows, in“crimeware as a service”(CaaS)ecosystem, in addition to the 8 Flash vulnerabilities outside, the other two is hackers tool use up to the non-Flash vulnerabilities is Microsoft's IE 1 0/1 1 and“includes the Silverlight Plug-In, including other Microsoft products.”

Recorded Future-to-1 0 8 A hacking tool has launched a threat intelligence analysis. The results found that the Flash is referenced thousands of times, in a hacking tool(EK)the use of the top 1 0 largest vulnerability in the occupy 8 months. Recorded Future this focus on the 2 0 1 5 year 1 month from 1 to 9 month 3 0 day information security blogs, forum posts and other available information for meta-analysis(meta-analysis).

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