Well-known Forum app for vBulletin 5 exposure remote command execution vulnerability that may have leaked millions of user data-bug warning-the black bar safety net

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! On Monday, it is reported that vBulletin developer site suffered a hacker attack and compromised nearly 4 8 million the vBulletin user's sensitive information. In the event a hacker after the attack, the vBulletin official emergency mandatory require the user to reset the password, they warn the user: an attacker may take advantage of our loopholes in the system to get some user ID and encrypted password. Immediately, the vBulletin website mentioned a connection 5. 1. Version 4 and 5. 1. 9 version of the security patch. The official did not respond to It is worth noting that, even if the vulnerability is already being exploited and the hundreds of thousands use the vBulletin program kit Forum web site poses a threat, the official did not this vulnerability gives a clear warning. ARS requires the vBulletin official respond to this, however the request has not received a reply, so the author obtained information includes information from the yet to be explicitly confirmed the inferred information. Foxit reader official website of the shots Event continuous fermentation, at the weekend, a bit“coldzer0”inform the mass media and research group, he breached the vBulletin official site and got 4 7 9 8 9 5-bit user private information, as captured evidence, he will leak the Data screen shot on the top of the article, and the data is leaked video updated to yutube and Facebook, he claimed: The vulnerability is also a serious threat to the Foxit reader Forum on the website, in writing this piece, Foxit reader Forum has been in a state of paralysis. Immediately after Tuesday night, it was a copy of the vulnerability analysis report posted online, the report said that the vulnerability has been there three years, and hackers can by remote code execution to control the vBulletin User Forum website. Let's put these fragmentary reports consolidation: this is the vBulletin software doesn't shirk a 0day vulnerability, the use of this 0day, hackers can almost completely control the use of vBulletin software the forum, if Real is the case, the site administrator should immediately stop all current operation and installation of the patch, for possible leakage account password of the user, should immediately change the current password, and to prevent the collision library, the user should modify the other website use the same key. Off the author is writing on the occasion, the use of some vBulletin sites have suspended operation, 其中包括一些针对性较强网站如Defcon.org the. In fact, as early as two years ago, a similar security risk has also been used in vBulletin. So far, vBulletin and Foxit software the officials have also not confirmed the vulnerability details, but the features that matter to the safety recommendations, the black bar safety net will also continue to track the event progress.