Microsoft repair SharePoint 2 0 1 3 XSS vulnerabilities-the vulnerabilities and early warning-the black bar safety net

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SharePoint is the Microsoft Office Suite in a tool for individuals and companies to create a portal page. The vulnerability(CVE-2 0 1 5-2 5 2 2)by FortiNet's FortiGuard Labs security researchers discovered the vulnerability affects SharePoint 2 0 1 3 15.0.4571.1502 early version. SharePoint is a developed by Microsoft Web Application Platform, a variety of business-related management functions together set of tools, reduce system administrator earlier need from a variety of software to switch between the burden. In most real situations, the SharePoint Server deployed in the enterprise closed network environment, services to large and medium-sized enterprise internal network, became a Microsoft Enterprise product. Provide Content Management, Information Management, Personal Cloud, social networking, search, Business Intelligence, workflow management and other functions. Without proper filtration caused byXSSthe defect According to FortiNet researchers describe, the attacker can in a few input fields type of malicious code on the Microsoft SharePoint platform toXSSattack. These fields are record notes, keywords, content, these fields anyone can access and store a persistentXSS. Successful exploitation of the vulnerability, the attacker can use the user from the controllers to download and execute malicious code, The user's browser is redirected to a malicious content of the page, or do a fake authentication pop-up asking the user to enter the login information and the like. Along with vulnerability to use the tool the researchers also claimed that an attacker could steal stored authentication cookies or the user agent string of sensitive information. FortiNet's staff also noted that, these data can be through the use of related use of the tool will redirect the user to a“proper”malicious payload. In addition, because SharePoint is often with the Windows Active Directory Services at the same time the presence of the attacker at the same time also can get share of enterprise login credentials, so to get the company's set of services. Microsoft has patched this vulnerability(MS15-0 9 9) However, the front that so many are not a little egg. Links: password: jndl