1 0 5 security bulletins: Microsoft 2 0 1 5 published in the vulnerability count far more than last year-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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9 on 8 April, Microsoft released the 1 2 new security bulletins, five of which for emergency announcements. Plus This is 1 of 2 new security bulletins so far this year there are already 1 0 5. Microsoft 2 0 1 4 just released a 8 5 a security Bulletin. So why this year there were so many security vulnerabilities? Director of Product Management, Russ Ernst represents “This year, so significant growth can be attributed to various reasons, such as the launch of Windows 1 0 and other new products leading to not enough time,but now the team is busy patching.” ! This 1 2 a security Bulletin and a 5 to 6 separate vulnerabilities affecting products and applications. Wherein the emergency security Bulletin to single out Windows Journal, Microsoft graphics component, IE browser and the new Edge browser. Goettl also noted that “This month Windows 1 0 and Edge the browser might also re-update. A About ms15-0 9 4, The ms15-0 9 5 Edge, and ms15-0 9 7, The ms15-0 9 8, The ms15-1 0 2 and ms15-1 0 5 these six announcements of the cumulative update.” ! Ernst is recommended to update ms15-0 9 7 patch. This patch fixes a 1 0 appears in the Microsoft graphics component vulnerability in, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2 0 0 8, Microsoft Lync, and Office2007 and 2 0 1 0 version are affected. The second update of the patch should be ms15-0 9 of 9. Ernst explained that “All versions of Office are affected by this vulnerability if a user opens a malicious Office document, an attacker will be through this vulnerability remote code execution. MAC Excel and SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server 2 0 1 3 are also affected.” Regardless of how, IE browser is also good or Now the Microsoft Edge browser, the vulnerability Update should be given priority attention. Even if you do not use the Internet browser/Microsoft Edge as your main browser, the Internet browser security vulnerabilities tend to penetrate into other systems or applications.