iOS sandboxing vulnerabilities increase the enterprise data risk level-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Appthority researchers found a present in the iOS sandboxed application vulnerabilities in the iOS 8.4.1 the following version of the system will be affected, anyone can use this vulnerability to access the System Management Application Configuration. Sandbox vulnerability-QuickSand Due to this vulnerability appears in the iOS sandbox, so the researchers named it“QuickSand”in the quicksand, the vulnerability number CVE-2 0 1 5-5 7 1 9 It. MDM(Mobile Device Management)refers to the Application Data and the configuration assigned to the mobile device, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and other program or tools. MDM solutions mainly dedicated to the optimization of the mobile communication network functionality and security while minimizing cost and downtime. MDM is largely dependent on the production equipment supplier, The equipment management features. MDM and EMM enterprise mobile management solutions are mostly derived from FancyFon, And AirWatch, the Mobilelron as well as AmTel and other manufacturers, such solutions allow the various agencies in the mobile device to install the enterprise's own applications, including the configuration files and user credentials, and so on. For staff to say MDM is an easy way to work. While the researchers said the vulnerability will affect all of the MDM user data security and enterprise mobile application security, because the business environment of the MDM will use the“Magaged App Configuration”to configure and store the user's personal configuration and credential information. Appthority researchers wrote in his blog: “We in the iOS sandbox, found a serious vulnerability, and now the result is not only a mobile application or MDM application itself can access data stored in the mobile terminal of the sensitive configuration data and authentication information, and anyone can see these placed on a mobile device of the user data.” How to implement the attack? The attacker can be in an MDM solution environment by tricking the user to achieve the attack purpose. Usually using the following two ways: 1, The masquerading as a most users will install the application, push to the bodies of all members. 2, Select a special user, and then through phishing and the like way to get him caught. The current situation is grim, in this case in the enterprise is vulnerable to attack. Use MDM solutions to manage sensitive information, perhaps the situation would be better. Of course, this vulnerability may currently not a major threat, but once Pandora's box is open, the attacker can be no dread to directly access enterprise data. Currently, the Appthority with Apple security sector together to fix this loophole, and in iOS8. 4. 1 version Update Patch.