The IOS system is exposed to significant vulnerabilities hackers can be loaded with a fake APP theft information-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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! IOS system exposed a major security vulnerability hackers can remotely load the fake APP to steal information page screenshot) International online feature articles: according to the US CNBC website 8 on 6 reported that, according to Internet security company FireEye report, the 8.13 version of the following IOS system to significant security vulnerabilities. Hackers can exploit this vulnerability remotely in Apple's IOS device installed on the fake Facebook, Twitter and other social software APP, so as to achieve steal the user data. When the user click information and e-mail in an unidentified link or website on false advertising, hacking software the installation program will start, the device will appear on a look much like the legitimate version of the fake social networking software. With legitimate software, fake software to steal sensitive information and sends it to the remote server. FireEye experts said the hacking program is based on a generic software type, to view its historical data. Can be imitation software, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, wechat, Skype and other major social class software. Already jailbreak IOS devices also face this risk.