Hacking exposed Tesla Model S the memory 5 of the digital vulnerability-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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According to Forbes reports, next month's Defcon hacker conference the eve of the opening, Tesla Model S models are exposed there are still 5 at the digital security vulnerabilities, and these vulnerabilities are still not being blocked.

As global probably the most popular consumer interest in the connected car product, the Tesla car has become the hacker community focus. From all over the globe researchers are trying to find a Tesla engineer's Achilles heel, they not only want to make Elon musk(Elon Musk)the car engineers to fix vulnerabilities, protect the driver from any potential trouble, they also plan to open Tesla car, and personal customized service.

In this year 8 month, held at the Defcon hacker conference, two famous security experts from CloudFlare company's head of research Marc Rogers Marc Rogers and Lookout co-founder Kevin mA Rafi(Kevin Mahaffey will be disclosed Tesla Model S vehicles on the presence of 5 of the digital vulnerability. At that time, they will be on Tesla to fix these vulnerabilities prior to the announcement of the relevant details.

Before Tesla has been on Rogers and Fido found 6 vulnerability among the 1 place for repair.

They also plan to publish a response to the Tesla car's software tool, users can easily export or import analysis data. Rogers said, in the 8 May 6, Defcon hacker conference before the opening of the He will not disclose any of the details, although he promised that these elements will bring the“epic”shock. If these vulnerabilities by hackers remotely utilized, as the Defcon website the statement, will appear car security in the history of major landmark event.

Tesla temporarily not respond to a request for comment.

It is reported that Tesla will participate in the hackers conference part of the event. In addition, from the insider informed, the Tesla will carry a Tesla car model for the participants in the above expansion test. But this assertion is denied, the insiders said the Tesla will only be in the General Assembly on the set piece panels, without any hacking techniques.

Defcon hacker conference organizers pointed out that two security researchers, Charlie Miller, Chris Valasek and Chris watts Russell g Charlie Miller at this year's hacker conference sponsored a“car-hacking community”, plans to demo wireless invasion of a car or truck of the network system. In-vehicle digital security is becoming increasingly important. The hackers hope that the future will be networked cars and their owners together from the crisis to save it.