The phone did not leave the body but by hacking the lock to blackmail you don't understand the Apple“security vulnerability”-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Yesterday reported that Mr. Xu transfer of second-hand Apple phone, the A 9 0 after the guy borrowed test machine of two-time with a cloud account bound, Mr. Xu phone, and extortion 3 0 0 Yuan unlocking fee. Smartphones bring to our lives a lot of convenience and even lifestyle changes. However, the concomitant use of security, privacy protection is often overlooked.

Yesterday, a reader calls tucao“phone not leave the body will be hackers remote bindings”in. Is this true? A reader says,“default to open to the Frequent locations feature nearly triggered a family contradictions.” This is what's going on?

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The phone did not leave the body but is hack remote locking

Cross 1 5 0 0 Yuan unlocking fee didn't make“the phone becomes a brick”

“I'm better than Mr. Xu also injustice, the phone did not leave the body but is the lock screen.” Yesterday, the public Mr. Zhou about their own encounter a dilemma: the

3 at the beginning of the day, my iPhone 6 freezes suddenly, the screen on the display“this iPhone has been lost, please contact the QQ:×××××× contact.”

I thought it was a phone fault, shutdown restart, still can't. Through a Will, the phone jumped out of the line of information to the effect that: your mobile phone information has been erased.

I panicked, quickly contact the screen on the left of the QQ number. The other says:“give me 1 5 0, 0 $ will give you the unlock, or let your phone becomes a brick.”

I am very gas, call Apple customer service said I have no Invoice, can't unlock. I called the police station to ask, police said, the other suspected of extortion, let me go to the police station more to talk about, but also told me, the other in the field, to solve the case difficult.

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