Iphone SMS magic: one SMS to make the iPhone crash to restart-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Apple mobileoperating systemappears in a new bug, which can lead to any iPhone to crash and restart. This problem is caused by a simple text message caused. When the Messages received, one particular by character of the string, the iPhone Message app will continue to crash. And if you accept the information when the smartphone is locked, it will cause the iPhone to not receive any warning information in the case of a restart. Since this character string is very specific, The majority of users probably won't encounter.

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However, many iPhone in mind will use this issue with other iOS users to play downtown. It is reported that Apple are proposing a long-term solution, but there are already some solutions.

If the Messages app there is no limit and send this information to the owner of the session, you can restart the app.

In the same session string reply should be blocking this bug.

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However, if the Messages app to the list view form is displayed, each time the user attempts to reload will cause the iPhone to crash.

When you receive this message when you pull down the notification bar will also cause the iPhone to restart.

However, the user can through the voice assistant Siri request to send a piece of information can fix this problem.

It is reported that this bug only appears in the iPhone machine the main process of communication between.