Google then exposed Microsoft Windows 8.1 did not fix the vulnerability-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Recently Microsoft's Windows business head Terry Myerson criticized Google Android poor security, today Google once again exposed the Windows 8.1 did not fix the vulnerability, this means that, In be fix before the vulnerability could be exploited by hackers to.

According to the description, the vulnerability potentially could allow hackers to attack Google Chrome, Adobe Reader and other products of the sandbox. It is reported that the Chrome used in the sandbox as an additional layer of security against browser exploits, Chrome sandboxed in fact based on the underlyingoperating system. Google Zero Project team member James Forshaw, said:“When you do our best to provide a variety of security features, but there are times when the system developer is able to make all of your efforts are in vain.”

This has not between the two companies for the first time this happened, in January of this year Google had exposed in Windows 8.1 does not fix the vulnerability, causing the two companies slobber Battle of.