The popular WordPress caching plugin WP-Super-Cache aeration high-risk security vulnerabilities-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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The popular WordPress caching plugin WP-Super-Cache recently exposed high-risk vulnerability, the attacker may be in a page to inject malicious code, which makes millions of WordPress websites in danger. WP Super Cache is a classic veteran and a good cache plugin can greatly improve website performance, it is always WPer are almost a must-install stuff. Vulnerability details An attacker can use a carefully constructed query to the plug-in caches the File List page to insert malicious script. In order to ensure the normal display content, the page will request a valid random number in the nonce, in this case you need the website administrator to manually check for the special session. The injection of the malicious script will perform a series of harsh and wretched things, such as adding an administrator account, into the back door. Webmasters who often use WP-Super-Cache file the key is to select the appropriate cache file to load, and the vulnerability is just the presence of WP-Super-Cache to display the cache file key information in the process, so the vulnerability is very large. ! As the figure above shows $details[ ‘key’ ]field is inserted into the page code. ! If the$details variable‘key’parameter contains the get_wp_cache_key() function returns that user cookies data, then the attacker can be in the page to insert a malicious script. Safety recommendations Recommend using WP-Super-Cache WordPress website administrator as soon as possible to upgrade the plugin to the 1. 4. 4 version.