【Bug fix】Report: 2 0 1 4 years Microsoft 9 7% of the vulnerabilities with administrator permissions for-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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This week, the British company called Avecto, a security company released a latest security Report, 2 0 1 4 year Microsoft released and repair of the 2 4 0 one security breach, more than 9 7 per cent with administrator privileges is the use of related. At the same time, the company to the user of the first suggestion is, try to use a standard user account, in order to fully ensure the system safety. Avecto, said its statistics on Windows critical security vulnerability statistics data, more than 9 8% of the vulnerabilities using the administrator privileges. In other words, an intruder or hacker only 2%uses a different attack mode. When the computer is connected to Internet Explorer after ratio also will rise, 99.5%of the vulnerabilities with administrator permissions-related, so it should be an opt-in Administrator account use the computer, possibly even disabling the Guest account. Statistics also show that the use of vulnerability remote code execution, users are most concerned about the issue, because many hackers choose the the malicious file to the user computer, and further acquiring full control. Avecto said, in this case the attack very requires administrator privileges, but 9 0% of users just simple the system to switch to a standard user account can be solved. “These statistics will play a warning role, the enterprise in the set the office computer to delete user administrator account privileges the importance of self-evident.” It is well known, the administrator account on the computer The maximum degree of control. Whether you use Microsoft account email address and password or a local account Username and password login, first start using a computer when possible to create such account. But in order to prevent security breaches and attacks to the system to make major changes, switch to the standard accounts is indeed the most simple solution. Avecto also said that Microsoft's Windows System, the lack of AdvancedSecurityway, the standard mode is performed with the administrator account can perform the operation too difficult. On a Linux system, as long as the super-user password will be able to perform the installation of the software or update operation, while in Windows the user must completely exit the standard account, switch to an administrator account before you can perform the same tasks.