Tor onions-the underlying Protocol of the presence of DoS vulnerability, the Black Market suffer for it-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Two of the the Black Market suffered a severe DoS attack According to the Tor network underground Black Market of Middle Earth the operators revealed that his website recently suffered a serious DoS(denial of service)attack. Coincidentally, 2 0 1 4 years 1 2 months, another Black Market Agora of operators reported a similar case, his website also suffered a DoS attack. The two black market site are a large number of concurrent connections submerged, these connections enable the site to a standstill. ! Middle Earth and the Agora suffered a history of Since the most serious attacks Related reading: 【FreeBuf video] world's largest network of Black Market The Rise and fall of history The Silk Road originated in China, is one of the oldest economic exchange route. But the moment the“Silk Road”this term, but with drugs, illegal firearms, hanging on a hook...... Today FreeBuf video will take you approached the path leading to the underground Black Market, mysterious road. The Silk Road was the largest online Black Market, mainly drug trafficking and other illegal items. The site is built in one on the dark web, only through the onion head Tor access, and the trader are based on the anonymous identity to purchase various illegal goods. In the Silk Road trade on the using bitcoin, a decentralized electronic money, completely is not subject to any government control and intervention. Point of I view more Tor is the underlying Protocol vulnerabilities Based on last 1 2 on the Tor mailing list to report the problem, attackers by creating a large number of concurrent connections from the Tor referred to as a“link”to DoS(denial of service attacks, and ultimately makes the target server to a standstill. Experts through analysis found that these attacks may be due between the client and server negotiation in the process of a vulnerability to cause. An attacker can abuse the Tor hidden services(Hidden Services)Protocol in the“introduce message”. Each time the client sends the“introduce message”to the server, it will create a link, and allocation of server resources to process the request. By sending to the server a plurality of“introduce message”, the attacker can perform a DoS attack. Worrying is that the vulnerability is due to the Tor of the underlying Protocol, not in a short period of time to repair.