MongoDB repair a can be remotely exploitable DoS(denial of service)vulnerability-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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! The popular NoSQL database MongoDB recently repaired a serious and can be remotely exploitable denial-of-service(DoS)vulnerabilities. The vulnerability by FortiGuard Labs researchers in the 2 on 2 0 and 2 3, find the MongoDB official have to 3 on 1 7, release patch. Vulnerability can be caused by a database crash FortiGuard lab security experts Samir Lakhani said, the exploit method is the one that will frequently result in database crashes the regular expression, but Fortinet did not disclose details. “A potential attacker does not require authentication or database access can exploit this vulnerability, they need to do is just send a crafted packet that a particular regular expression query, to attack the database.” Have experience and understanding of regular expressions, the attacker is generally not on top of this cost too much time, especially after checking the code after. “For this vulnerability to attack in the manner of several species. The most common is through the MongoDB website or the client connection to the MongoDB server, the attacker will be a regex string into MongoDB, read and deal with it. As long as this string of characters looks to be in the data package, the server will be Ben collapse.” Safety recommendations Recommends the use of loopholes in the version of the that can be does not require authentication to access database MongoDB users to immediately install the latest patch, and set the authentication. Otherwise, an attacker using the Shodan query or browse the web you can easily find and attack your MongoDB Server.