Snowden recognized.“fourth citizen”hacker tool kit-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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On Snowden's latest Oscar best documentary, the most interesting point is in the fourth citizens ' at the end, is He of the various security software's Acknowledgements. Snowden two years ago, the leaked information is still affecting the people today of the life, and opened the data security, personal privacy, anonymous access to the updated Prologue. To movie financial ending basis, we have the information on all aspects of the summary and make out a important security software andoperating systemReference Guide. If you want to more further to the protection of your personal information is secure, but do not know from where to proceed, this article will guide you to the right direction to work.

Browser security: Tor browser

Tor Security Bundle(Tor browser the predecessor may be today we are going to discuss the software products in the most famous one. Tor browser installation and start-up are very simple; it is based on the Firefox browser kernel, the kernel version number to 3 1. 5. 0, but if and when the program issues a warning, only use the Tor browser is not enough to ensure your web surfing safe. If you want the Tor network to maintain anonymous access, you will also need to do the following things:

·No seeds stream download unless you have a VPN account can support you do, and set a good torrent client to the various parameters).

·Do not install or enable the browser plugin.

·As long as the situation allows, use the HTTPS web Protocol.

·When in a networked state, do not download or open the downloaded document later in this article will introduce more about how to avoid those who would threaten its security behavior.

·If you want to conceal you are using Tor or hide your network traffic information, you can consider using a bridge relay device.

To configure the Tor browser is very simple. Once you start the installation program, the program will let you choose whether you want the direct link to the Tor or through a bridge relay Link, As shown below:

! t01ac30b925961c65e3. png

Click you need to select the option, then the system will complete the installation, the look and the Firefox version of the standard, some custom configuration and setup options similar.

! t015ba224db7e5a005e. png

Use Tor browser for anonymous browsing when a warning appears: the program appearance will be with you using a standard link connected to the network when different. Tor browser is a multi-stage encryption technique to hide the destination host, the IP address, and by random routing on its internal network in data transmission to avoid interception. This mechanism is advantageous in preventing the common packet tracking, but it will also have some potential drawbacks.

In fact, Tor's random routing so that the browser performance of the evaluation becomes cumbersome, but we can by loading a series of web pages to test it. Taking this as a course to treat, rather than-only from one perspective. The standard version of the Firefox browser 36.0.1 and based on the Firefox kernel 31.5.0 the Tor browser page cache will be load tested before the page is clean.

! t01d2f1e9857c242002. png

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