wdcp X-Forwarded-For injected vulnerability analysis-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Originally this article want and on the article written together, but because of Bad typography will further write this post. 1 3 years of vulnerability, the Internet also does not have this vulnerability details this vulnerability to use the tool, so hold learning mentality, try to analyze it.

0x1 vulnerability description

The official website of the update log:

> 2 0 1 3 0 8 0 4(2.5.8) Fix aSQL injectionfor security vulnerabilities,will drain to the drain of the database information(make sure to upgrade)

Note 2. 5. 7 version and following the presence of injection vulnerabilities. You can get a direct wdcp background user name and password as well as throughout the wdcp database data.

Affected versions: less than or equal to 2. 5. 7 is currently the latest version v2. 5. 1 1

0x2. The vulnerability principle analysis

Vulnerability principles can analyze the patch, or analysis online, this WDCP X-Forwarded-For injected into the tool, the tool download link Baidu search can be. Compared to the analysis of the patch, the analysis of this tool of the payload easier to find the vulnerability details. First build a v2. 5. 7 the environment.

How to analyze the payload for? The direct use of wireshark analysis, this tool letting you can.

We are only concerned with http Protocol, the tool requests data and the server returns the data. So the wireshark filter should be written this way:the ip. addr == xx. xx. xx. xx and http, and then start the capture. Then there is the vulnerability of the ip filled into the injection tool

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