Fix Firefox(Firefox browser commonly used security test plug-in Live HTTP Headers replay function-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Live Http headers for Firefox the following Http header capture tool, commonly used in safety tests. But unfortunately the Replay function is not in the most recent version of the Firefox browser(35.0.1), I decided to plug-in the official version of the update before to do a temporary repair.

I found in the HTTP Headers contains theIf-Modified-Sinceto letreplayfeature re-work.

What is If-Modified-Since is?

If-Modified-Since is a standard HTTP request header tag in the HTTP request sent when the browser cache page to the last modified time is sent along to the server go, server will put this time on the server with the actual file's Last modified time for comparison.

If-Modified-Sincefor recording page last modified time in the HTTP header information by the client to the server to send the header, similar is theLast-Modified, differentLast-Modifiedby the server to the client sends the HTTP header. If the time is consistent, then return the HTTP status code 3 0 4 does not return file contents, the client receiving, directly to the local cache file to display to the browser. If the time is inconsistent, it returns an HTTP status code of 2 0 0 and the new file content, the client received after that will discard the old file, the new file is cached, and displayed to the browser.

If the

If-Modified-Since: *

To add to the Live HTTP Headers in the replay function of the default HTTP headers, you can make the replay work.

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