Xiaomi smart home solutions”guest user”override control vulnerability-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Millet always let a person countless daydream, it's each of the goods are the people to whom surprised. Xiaomi smart home solution,using a lot of hardware interaction, etc., giving users a very good experience.

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In provide great convenience at the same time also introduces some risk. In using the router“guest users”into the local area network, you can then non-authorized access to the small ants camera Application Management Program. Caused by camera video file leaked, home wifi password leaks and other problems. To the user to bring a certain security risk.

Problem description:

The current is based on the visitor permission to access the wireless network, is not able to access to the router's management address.

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But you can access to the same local area network to other devices.

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And be able to access the small ants camera configuration file and other information.

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By reading the small ants camera configuration file. You can get routers a wireless access password. (From the roll over shots of people, with the owner permission and bandwidth is not a dream)

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And can download the small ants camera stored in the video file. (With this we can see live.

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