Bypass 3 6 0 core crystal engine again forced the end of the 3 6 0 process(x64)-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Bypass 3 6 0 core crystal engine again forced the end of the 3 6 0 process, in the face of success,

The morning presented a 6 4-bit lower kill360 small toys

But it wasn't long before I was hit the face.

3 6 0 say that there is a core crystal engine.

We first do not say this T coax coax contraption a few people.

Estimate the noob even know how to open all don't know,

Diamondback now I eggs a bit of a pain. Not because of anything else, just the side dish I worked so hard to code for so long of the word, you it meow give it to me 0rank for?


  1. The use of a puppet process to bypass 3 6 0 the process of protection of ideas, in the open core crystal engine after the failure.

  2. But I found the x64 even if the opening of the nuclear crystal engine or anti-doesn't live simulation click. Then I modify the demo to perform the process of:

After running the Create 360tray. exe shortcut to the desktop(with" /disablesp 1"parameter). And custom icons for a unique solid color icon(easy to find in Fig. Avoid and the other icon is repeated). And then look for the figure to take the icon of screen coordinates and simulates a double-click. Sure enough not what I expected. Self-protection to close the dialog box again jump out. Then find figure is taken to determine the button coordinates, again to simulate a click.

  1. The last 3 of 6 0 of self-protection and from there to a, a call to taskkill. exe you can put 3 6 0 all the processes to kill.

Vulnerability to prove:

demo Download:http://pan. baidu. com/s/1qWEzXNm(decompression password: 1 2 3, containing the old and new version)

Demo video download address:http://pan. baidu. com/s/170UCY

Repair solutions:

Harmony this even I this Diamondback are able to come up with ideas. So please do not continue to ignore.