Cellular communications network discovery security vulnerabilities allow others to monitor the dead calls or intercept text messages-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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German researchers in a cellular communication network widely used on the VII signaling system SS7, Signaling System Number 7 on the discovery of a security vulnerability, allowing spies, hackers and criminals potential large-scale monitoring of private phone calls and intercept text messages.

Vulnerability details will be in this month in Hamburg, Germany, a hacker Conference on the public, which is designed in the 1 9 8 0's SS7 increasingly become unsafe with the latest evidence.

These vulnerabilities allow positioning anywhere in the world the caller, such as the African Congo, a mobile operator can be used to invade the US cellular network.

Sternraute founder Tobias Engel and Security Research Labs chief scientist Karsten Nohl of the past several months in the study of SS7 is independently discovered these security weaknesses.

The researchers found two ways to monitor the use of SS7 technology calls: one is hijacking a call forwarding function, hackers can the call to redirect the call to them, and then recording or monitoring, then sent to the target recipient; the second requires physical proximity, the use of antennas to collect all by the sky's calls and text messages, even if the user is via a secure 3G connection to establish a call or send a text message, the hacker also can ask through the SS7 communication is established, allows the operator to release the decryption key.