Cool was traced to the presence of a backdoor threat to millions of users information security-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Recently, security research firm PaloAlto Networks found that the domestic mobile phone manufacturers coolpad Android phone install the one named“CoolReaper”a backdoor program that may be related to more than 1, 0 0 0 million users of information security.

! Kupa was traced to the presence of a backdoor threat to tens of millions of users

It is reported that the“CoolReaper”the user can not allow the case to install the application, clear information, or by disguising the OTA software upgrade installation procedures, and upload device information related to cool remote server. Specifically includes the following threats:

1, not when prompted to download, install, enable Android program;

2, clear device data, uninstall the app, disable the system service;

3, In without having to upgrade the device on the camouflage OTA upgrade program or installed application;

4, to send a message to the other device;

5, Dial any phone;

6, upload device information to a coolpad Server.

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