Yahoo in China suffered a SSL man in the middle attacks-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Latest update:

Off 1 0 on 2 0 PM 1 6: 4 to 6 points, attacks still continue.........

2 0 1 4 years 1 0 month 2 0 Day 1 4:3 0, Yahoo in mainland China once again under SSL man in the middle attacks, the domestic three operators to access all there is a problem, and Hong Kong, the United States, access is no problem. Its a certificate with a RSA 1024bit encryption, MD5 self-signed, from the CN.

Event review

From the Microsoft landing system live10 November 2, suffered a large area of SSL MiTM attacks. To icloud just moved home shortly, suffer from the middleman attack.

Certificate screenshot

Recommended netizens to hang the VPN to access the relevant web site, modify the hosts, carefully fill in the account information.


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