The relevant departments repair. Instagram can be accessed vulnerability-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Today the Facebook-owned photo-sharing service Instagram be blocked in social networking sites such as Sina Weibo, Instagram search is also shielded. As early as this year 7 month, Instagram application from the main domestic third-party Android stores disappear. It is not possible to determine this shielding is Short-term or long-term.


Although currently available in mainland China some of the user-specific data, but it is certain that in recent years the platform in China is already increasingly popular. The world has more than 2 0 0 million Instagram users, but the vast majority are not Americans. Instagram of the disappeared is not because of technical problems, because it can also continue in Hong Kong and other countries. This year 7 month, Instagram application from the country's major third-party Android stores disappear, but for those who have already downloaded this app the user can still continue to use.


Many network name on the microblogging published his on Instagram from the country of the disappeared expressed strong dissatisfaction, in a share of more than 4 0 0 0 times of Twitter posts stated thatInstagram now also adding many in China is being censored by the foreign server's ranks.

“Instagram finally added to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Line, Snapchat this family, forever.”

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