Vulnerability science: you of weak passwords seriously?-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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In today's many places in the user name and password as the authentication of the world, the password of importance you can think and Cicada for. The password is equivalent to entering the house of keys, when the others have one can enter your house keys, think about your safety, your belongings, your privacy...... Afraid of the bar. Because weak passwords are easy for others to guess or break the solution, so if you use a weak password, like the door keys on the door Mat below, it is very dangerous.

In the front A few days, I'm in the vulnerability of the platform is continuously submitted to a plurality of telecommunications system, weak passwords, and multiple government websites and Charging System found in the presence of a particular low-level weak password. Now, different people for weak password with a different awareness, We from the following several angles-the perspective of the user now look for weak password ideas.

Web Application Developer:set a simple password to allow customers easy to remember, and then turn their website into something the default password and advocacy role.

Web application users:it seems that the default password pretty safe, I would use this password.

The site administrator A:password complexity was too hard to remember, can't remember what to do, or the simple point of it.

Site administrator B:this password is easy to let others know, what is good, they have to be the one I can remember, by the way, on with my QQ or Sina and so on password. This kind of situations tend through other means leak the Administrator's login password

Above by a few the identity of a different angle to describe the weak password views. In the clouds vulnerability platform a weak password event, I search through the“weak password”found:

2 7 1 4 record up to 2 0 1 4 year 8 month 3 0 day

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