A number of courier company website was traced to memory vulnerability hack 2 0 seconds to crack the database-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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“The birth of a child, to buy milk SMS; bought a house, the decoration of SMS is endless; buy a new car, the insurance company of the SMS is overwhelming.” Yesterday, CCTV exposure together with violations of the privacy of others the information security of the case, adding that these spam messages behind is actually my personal privacy information leakage problem.

According to CCTV reported, because some courier company website vulnerabilities, hacking 2 0 seconds you can get a website the personal information database. According to the suspects confessed, the 1 4 0 0 million pieces of information sale price only 1 0 0 0 polyol, these information through layers of resale, harm to infinity. Experts have indicated that my personal information is illegal to resell repeated one of the reasons this area has formed a complete chain of interest, the outlaws advantageous by; on the other hand is my personal information being abused behavior lack of supervision and punishment is not strict.

1 4 0 0 million effective personal information is illegal to steal

This year 3 month, Xiasha Economic Development Zone, a courier company responsible person found, someone in the online public sale of their company to Express a single personal information, and Sales is also very large.

That these the online sale of personal information is how come?

According to the courier company responsible person,“because the Express single information on the company is not allowed to collect, even Express a single also does not as junk to sell, are generally centralized to destroy, so they think it is illegal molecule using the other channels to get this information, then file a report.”

According to Hangzhou police investigation found that indeed someone online a large number of sale of personal information, these information in Picture format, the above in addition to Express coding, but also a detailed record of the receipt and issue sides name, phone number, address and other personal privacy information.

However, the Hangzhou police found, these information although the contain personal user information amount is relatively large, but the price is very cheap. One of consignee name, phone, address valid personal information, the seller as long as five cents; wholesale, then, a contains tens of thousands of pieces of personal information of the data packet only sell a few hundred dollars.

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