Days thaw letter is not timely help users install the latest security patches-bug warning-the black bar safety net

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Currently found in Hua shield firewall basically didn't patch a lot of days thaw letter of vpn and firewall-no patch. Through the abroad for an engine to view-day financial device 1. 2w Station, no desire to write tools to batch validate.

The following content is excerpted from days financial letter official website

2 0 0 8 The Year of the Olympic Games security work of the core Technical Support Unit, 2 0 1 0 World Expo in network security the Central nervous system the construction Unit, 2 0 1 0 years the Guangzhou Asian Games information system AGIS network security system integrators, 2 0 1 1 in Temple one and Shenzhou VIII Docking engineering Safety Management System Provider and 2 0 1 2 year National next-generation Internet Security special firewall, VPN, Internet audit of the receiving unit......that Days thaw letter in a number of important industry information system or project construction become the main force, and constantly practicing to maintain National Information Security mission and responsibilities.

No timely help the user to update the security patches

Currently there are at least hundreds or even more of the device does not update the security patches

Firewall root access

vpn can see the user password the vpn configuration information is generally the tmp directory under backup.

Wah shield firewall seems to never patched I see the Wah shield full fall. 0 8 0 Tai Chi group doing the information security of that that...




Tired of too lazy to organize.

Firewall keyword tos httpd

the vpn keyword topwebserver


1.2 w device

Or left to the manufacturers themselves to notify the user. ! !

Exploits harm the larger