Evernote official community hacked, user passwords exist leakage risk-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Evernote official community by unknown hackers to attack and invade, hackers in some cases be able to obtain the user's login information and personal information.

Evernote community Manager Geoff Barry, released today regarding the data breach statement:

“https://discussion.evernote.com the operator recently notified our community has been compromised. It possible hacker access to the forum members personal information, but we do not think that hackers can get into any Forum private message. The community and the Evernote official related services are completely separate, therefore you in Evernote in Notes is secure. We will not be in the community of the Server stored in the you in Evernote using the password. If you're in the 2 0 1 1 years ago in the old community registered, then the password of the encrypted Hash may be affected by the incident impact. If your Evernote password, and the community password, please immediately modify. We have the notification sent to all affected forum users. ”

It's Evernote for the first time been hacked. In 2 0 1 3 years, 3 months, and Evernote in an invasion event after a forced reset of the 5 million user's login password. And in the last week, Evernote has just experienced a massive distributed denial of service attack.

If you are Evernote user, we recommend that you regret before the strengthening of data protection.