Cisco recognized many routers have Backdoor vulnerability-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Recently, Cisco released the latest security Advisory: cisco-sa-2 0 1 4 0 1 1 0-sbd, confirmed hacker Eloi Vanderbeken on Github exposing the backdoor vulnerability allows an attacker to locally bypass the authentication directly access the Management Interface.


Security Bulletin display, the vulnerability is the TCP service monitor Port 3 2 7 6 4 not open the test interface, the impact of the product include:Cisco RVS4000, Cisco WRVS4400N, Cisco WRVS4400N and Cisco WAP4410Nand many other router device.


Cisco plans at the end of the month release a firmware update to repair the vulnerability.

In addition, according Vanderbeken discovered, Linksys many routers also exist the back door, the Linksys currently for the Belkin company.