Get vulnerability fuss-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Enterprise network there is often many of the vulnerabilities will reduce IT's security. A survey showed that 9 9% of hacker attacks is the use of unpatched vulnerabilities with the wrong set.

There are indications that, since the virus writers increased the attack target targeted, it is foreseeable that the future of computer vulnerability scanning“vulnerability assessment of the virus,”the Vulnerability Assessment Worms attacks will become increasingly common.

The so-called vulnerability assessment virus is to computer security vulnerabilities carried out a comprehensive assessment, the vulnerability information back to the virus writer, virus writers and then waiting for the attack of an intelligent virus. Experts warned of a vulnerability assessment virus will become in the future the most threatening virus.

Vulnerability assessments, virus source code, virus scanning product has a certain occult, generally not easily be anti-virus software detected; at the same time, these viruses will also be affected by virus writers to remotely control, from time to time The code changes, the purpose is to escape an anti-virus software blocked.

Although the security company in the“vulnerability assessment whether the virus has formed the climate”on this issue there is debate, but they are in the“virus invasion of the ways has been to produce change”this view on the opinion of the same. They are expressed, the virus to hide from security software detection, change the past instantaneous explosive attack mode, and gradually turns into a slow, transitional attack.

The virus changes the security situation becomes more complex, in the face of attack, the enterprise hard to detect. With its passive beaten, the enterprise as also emulate a virus Maker, also in the vulnerability to make a fuss, the first virus a step in the vulnerability blocked, allow the virus to inorganic can be multiplied. Eliminate vulnerability threats in a reasonable way is to implement risk management. Then the risk management effect how? According to Gartner, the information provided by the display, the implementation of the correct risk management steps and techniques to discover vulnerabilities, to determine vulnerability severity rating and to take remedial measures of the organization, the user attacks the victim of the possibility to reduce the 9 0 percent.