The security po-warning Internet financial risks, website vulnerabilities or to“fatal point”-bug warning-the black bar safety net

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ZDNET security channels 0 2 on 2 1-day comprehensive news: recently, Alipay was traced to the presence of security vulnerabilities, caused people to the Internet financial security concerns. With the rapid development of Internet, attract a lot of hackers“gather in”. Especially the recent hot Internet financial, face many security threats, leading to many giants of the payment system from time to time be broke now security issues.

Site during operations, encounter unscrupulous hackers or the use of after dragging the library is a common problem, and secondly will the presence of data suffered modifications, users, privacy theft and other issues. For this, the security of treasure, Vice President of Van new red, said:“many sites are available through the open source program development, itself an open source program there are many loopholes, for these open source applications to malicious attack is inevitable.”

Internet security vulnerability problems the frequency out to the Internet the normal order resulted in a greater impact. Especially the Internet financial involved in the funding chain is huge, once the vulnerabilities, the consequences will be dire. Moreover, Internet banking with a virtual feature, so that its safety, there are still shortcomings, how to achieve the convenience and safety of the combination is the future of the Internet financial face a major issue. 2 0 1 3 years, my first unit of China Internet financial DEVELOPMENT REPORT(2 0 1 3) on release. The report noted that the current Internet is facing increasingly severe risks and security issues, with the advent of Internet financial influence, and gradually expand the scale, the urgent need to address Internet Finance information security, risk prevention and regulatory issues.

Security treasure for Internet banking websites of the guard data show, for the Internet financial productsDDoSattack is the most serious. In the face of the Frequent network security issues, enterprises should be how to maintain? Van new red pointed out, users of the site conduct regular penetration tests to find website vulnerabilities timely repair is a more useful approach. At the same time, the user can also modify the unsafe set, regulate user permissions, open the web site cloud protection services, to the maximum extent possible to reduce the site vulnerability risk.