GetSimpleCMS 3.2.1 arbitrary file upload-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Title: GetSimpleCMS Version 3.2.1 Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability

Download address:

Affected version: 3.2.1

Tested: ubuntu 13.4

Author: Ahmed Elhady Mohamed


- GetSimpleCMS Version 3.2.1 suffers from arbitrary file upload vulnerability which allows an attacker to upload a HTML page.

- The main reason of this vulnerability is that the application uses a blacklist technique to compare the file aganist mime types and extensions.

- If the mime type or the extension is in the blacklist array , the application won't upload it.

Test using:

- For exploiting this vulnerability we will create a file with mutiple extensions for example ""

- The application will check the mime type and extension of the file which is "fr" aganist the blacklist array mime type and extensions.

- and ofcourse the "fr" extension won't be in the blacklist array so the application will upload it successfully.

- The uploaded file will be under the "data/uploads/" folder.


- The application should use whitelisting technique which compare the file extensions and mime types aganist

- acceptable mime types and extensions for more information google for "whitelisting vs blacklisting"