DNS zone transfer exploit and repair notes-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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A, title: DNS zone transfer exploit and fix

Second, the DNS transfer of the domain use

2.1 using BT5 tool to get DNS information

cd /pentest/enumeration/dns/dnsenum

./ dnsenum.pl --enum domain.com you can omit the--enum,here alert note: the host name and the field name to distinguish)

Field Name Domain name the bottom can also record each host name, the combination is the complete hostname (FQDN). Host name Fully Qualified Domain Name

FQDN (Domain name & Hostname)==www.ksu.edu.tw

Domain name==ksu. edu. tw

Hostname== www

So to note here to use the Field Name Domain name --->domain.com [Note 1]

! [Note 2 links to explain the very detailed]


There dnsmap it. Specific detailed in Note 2. Will not repeat them.

e.g.: //sample

./ dnsmap target-domain. foo


2.2 conventional method

Use the manual method, the recommended. The method is as follows:


>set type=ns

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