YY client local storage password BUG-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Type myhack58
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yy cache+configuration information is you do not manually clean up always stay in the c drive that kind of rubbish.. The highest can reach A N A G file that is despised about the yy programmers


Login configuration information



<? xml version="1.0"?& gt;<account>

<name>YWJjY2VyMw==</name> ---the base64 encryption is the account id






1EV7Iw7sae7wvcmDs6prirVeLeXy+/9Ido6bHYv3oq+ShZPiEm2NqKD4gZlmH7OMmI5ZTA=</hash3> ---- password hash

<saved>dHJ1ZQ==</saved> --base64 encrypt true whether correctly


Continue tucao upstairs said hash

Of course a simple copy of this account information to another machine is not logged on

But ... I of things to come.

I by comparison group 5 hash file. The conclusions of the = = look closely

fEeoWaE6IPTRLjeqsHfGrqR7iaBkbr4v NzBt9EDMhrY efXYNTTphBwBoGuq8pxvvV1EV7Iw7s

ae7wvcmDs6prirVeLeXy+/9Ido6bHYv3oq+ShZPiEm2NqKD4gZlmH7OMmI5ZTA= a2

fEeoWaE6IPTRLjeqsHfGrqR7iaBkbr4v NzBt9EDMhrY efXYNTTphBwBoGuq8pxvvV1EV7Iw7s

ae7wvcmDs6prirVeLeXy+/9Ido6bHYv3oq+ShZPiEm2NqKD4gZlmH7OMmI5ZTA= a3

fEeoWaE6IPTRLjeqsHfGrqR7iaBkbr4v NzBt9EDMhrY efXYNTTphBwBoGuq8pxvvV1EV7Iw7s

adlw+inTNKuhFMNnLJdwN5cC5eHtC21orhGwW9dygzbikvfxyc+tEYyZjA3ZmI= a1

fEeoWaE6IPTRLjeqsHfGrqR7iaBkbr4v Y/l30VWUbow efXYNTTphBwBoGuq8pxvvV1EV7Iw7s

ae7wvcmDs6prirVeLeXy+/9Ido6bHYv3oq+ShZPiEm2NqKD4gZlmH7OMmI5ZTA= b-a2-1

fEeoWaE6IPTRLjeqsHfGrqR7iaBkbr4v Y/l30VWUbow efXYNTTphBwBoGuq8pxvvV1EV7Iw7s

ae7wvcmDs6prirVeLeXy+/9Ido6bHYv3oq+ShZPiEm2NqKD4gZlmH7OMmI5ZTA= b-a2


a2/a3/a1 in a machine login

b-a2/b-a2-1 in the b machine login

a2/a3/b-a2/t-b2-1 same password

a1 the password is different

b-a2-1 with other network environment different this test might have issues

Now everyone can be clear at a glance.

hash before the 3 2-bit wooden have get to know the representative of what, the need to continue the comparison

33-43 these eleven characters should be to determine the current machine. And a stuff the contrast, right you can use the account information to log in.

After 6 3-bit characters is the password hash. (Encryption methods require great analysis

1, a machine a1 is the log file copy to machine b, when not logged in

2, The use of b-machine-b-a2 of the hash prior to 7 4 characters cover a1 of the front 7 to 4 characters can log in.

Whirring~~~ you're done for.

Repair solutions:

Replace the client. Efficacy way