IOS6. 1 burst bypass the screen lock vulnerability-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Description: Thanks to the author I didn't instant update(mainly do not want to when the first batch of the white mouse), so foreign broke the By Pass of the vulnerability, and is unable personally to experimental feasibility, such as a reader just has to update, please leave a comment whether you really can jump in the past!

The steps of: Worth a thousand words, it is better to see the film the experiment relatively quickly.


Note: youku this quality ass,too lazy to pass,you own the wall see the youtube Oh.


1, lock your iphone

2, the slide to unlock

3, Click on emergency call

4, Press and hold the power button know appears the shutdown,and then click Cancel. You will find the status bar turns blue and then enter 9 1 1 Click-to-call, and then quickly cancel the call.

5, the point of the power button make your iphone black screen,then home to cancel the hibernation.

6, again slide to unlock press and hold the point of the power button and within 3 seconds press the emergency call.

7, the congratulations you to bypass the password.

Above to see the video to write words that didn't pass the test who is going to try and then reply under a viable not(I'm still 5. 1...)

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