On the know Chong Yu intercepted the soil 0day-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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The day before yesterday in the microblogging see on the know Chong Yu sent most soil buy the 0day, the day before yesterday evening under a source code see, because just for microblogging on the screenshot to see, should the analysis is not comprehensive.

Look at the page:./ include/library/DB.class.php that code is as follows:


static public function GetDbRowById($table, $ids=array()) {

$one = is_array($ids) ? false : true;

settype($ids, 'array');


$idstring = join('\',\", $ids);

if(preg_match('/[\s]/', $idstring)) return array();//no spaces, use/**/instead of

$q = "SELECT * FROM {$table} WHERE id IN ('{$idstring}')";


$r = self::GetQueryResult($q, $one);//no filter, directly to the query.

if ($one) return $r;

return Utility::AssColumn($r, 'id');



Then the search function GetDbRowById (), found only in files:./ include/library/Table. class. in php there is call, the code is as follows:


static private function _Fetch($n=null, $ids=array()) {

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